March 8, 2013

Sephora and Disney Princess Collection

I am a huge Disney fan in general so when I heard about this collaboration I was very excited. Each collection has the Storylook Palette, compact, perfume, quad, nail polish and a set of products that's special to each princess Cinderella had a set of lipsticks and Jasmine has a set of eyeliners. The only thing from the collections I'm really interested in are the compacts I do like the Storylooks Pallets but I just don't think I use them. The first release the Cinderella were I bought the Stroke of Midnight compact which I love so much it has a clock with roman numerals on it is silver with gold and blue with the castle in the back round. The second collection is princess Jasmine with the Palace Jewel Compact which is gold with a pinky purpley back of the city of Agraba its also has a raised pattern on top of it. I love this collaboration between Sephora and Disney and I will continue to buy compacts in hopes to collect them all.

P.S. I have heard from a few little birdies that in late summer early fall The Little Mermaid will be next. 

XOXO Brooke


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