February 7, 2013

Bdellium Tools Brushes

I know there is alot of hype around Sigma and Sedona Lace brushes, I own a sigma set and they are good brushes but I prefer my Bdellium tools studio brushes the ones with the yellow handles. There at a really nice price point totally affordable. I'm gonna share my favorites with you ill start with face brushes first cause that's what I own more of lol.

The first one is 975S its a big soft powder brush. Its super soft and doesn't shed like my sigma brush.

Number two 945S contour brush I use this brush with my Too Faced Chocolate soleil Bronzer love it it applys so nice. Really buffs it into your skin.

Number three 942S is the angled blush brush. I like this one so much better that the sigma one. The Sigma brush is big and all frayed out the Bdellium one is smaller and holds its shape way better.

Number four is 953S is small duo fiber brush I use this for highlighter and creme products. I have yet to find a company that makes a brush like this one.
Number five is my all holy grail eyeshadow blending brush the 776S I have so much love for this brush it isn't funny.
Number six is a great brush to apply shadow and blend it out at the same time. I don't have a lot of lid space so this brush works great for me because its small and fits my eye size and shape great.

I really love my Bdellium tools brushes and I hope this will help anybody out who is thinking about buying any of these brushes.

XOXO Brooke



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