June 6, 2013

Ke$ha Die Young Music Video Smokey Eye Tutorial

First of I just have to say I love Ke$ha I love what she stands for I love that shes a party girl and doesn't try to hide It even love that gold tooth of hers. I really love how her makeup artist have been doing her makeup lately fuller coverage foundation nice warm sheer bronze glow and peachy bronze blush defined brows and usually some sort of smokey eye and nude warm pinky lip. My kind of makeup.


So first of this is a party or going out look so your gonna wanna do whatever means necessary to pro long the wear of your makeup and the fist step to do that hydrated skin even if its oily let that really sink into your skin I let mine settle for like 30 mins, second is to have primed skin so use your favorite or whatever you have on hand I'm gonna use Philosophy The Present makeup primer the directions say to let this primer sit for about 5 mins so once its settled apply a more fuller coverage foundation like Revlon color stay liquid or whipped or Kat Von D Lock It Foundation I think I'm gonna use Kat Von D and apply it with my Beauty Blender but if you want an even fuller coverage use a flat top kabuki style brush. For concealer I'm gonna use the same one for under eyes and blemishes which is my HG Hard Candy Glamoflauge in the shade light. I'm gonna set my whole face with Sephora MicroSmooth face powder in the shade 15 Nude. I'm also using darker shades of the MicroSmooth powder to bronze and contour I'm gonna contour using the shade 56 Mahogany and using 35 Bronze to warm up my face and get a little bit of color, for blush I'm using Kat Von D's Everlasting Blush in Wish just use a little bit to get a really nice flush, and for my favorite the highlighter I am using Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora any type cream highlighter will do the trick. Now for the eyes!! I fill in my brows first to help shape my eyes, use an eyeshadow primer and I set my primer with shadow to help with skipping. Ill be using 4 shadows 2 from the pallet above and 2 Urban Decay the 2 from the pallet is the purple from the third row to the right and the medium warm brown from the fifth row from the right and the third pot from the bottom I will be using Naked and Walk of Shame shadows from UD. The first shadow is Naked and your gonna wanna really buff this in to your eye socket take it kinda high up using a big fluffy blending brush. The second step is to blend the medium warm brown and blend this in your deep crease right in the skin fold use a small square goat hair type blending brush blend this up just a little little bit and blend it down onto the lid and lower lash line as well. Now take the vibrant deep purple and apply it to the lid using a small flat synthetic shadow brush and pat the color onto the lid keep it out the the crease and buff it very close to the lower lash line reapply the deep crease color just a touch to merge all the colors together pat more purple if it looses some vibrancy just finish up with a light matte skin tone colored brow bone color like Walk of Shame. For the eyeliner just apply a matte black gel liner in a small thin line on the lash line, water line and tight line to create a very dark rim around the eye. Apply lots of mascara or false lashes if you want. Ke$ha's lip color is similar to Nars Borelo or Macs Pure Zen. So that's it its a fast look to apply just lots of small steps to create this look. I love this look very much on my fair skin with blue eyes. 

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