July 11, 2013

The Lorac Pro Palette

I really love Lorac eyeshadows I have two singles from a set I bought a couple years ago and there great one of them is the same color as Mac's Satin Taupe but way more pigmented, silky, smooth, its a great shadow, so when I first saw the Lorac Pro Palette I was instantly drawn to it I waited a long time to pick it up I really wanted to researched it just to make sure it was all that I hoped it would be, and it is! Its absolutely wonderful. Their is 16 shadows 8 mattes and 8 shimmer shades from white all the way to black some great jewel toned shades you could make the simplest matte barely there look to a full blown black smokey eye. I love to use Taupe, Sable and Espresso to make a great matte brown smokey eye I also like Taupe in the crease and Pewter on my lid for a great polished quick look. The packaging is beautiful but I'm afraid that if I took this on a trip with me that it really wouldn't protect the shadows from breaking. The palette also came with the Lorac Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer which I was excited to try cause I have only tried Mac Paint and Urban Decay Primer Potion both those primer work great for me but I wanted to try a different primer the Lorac primer sucked my lids aren't oily so I don't really crease anyway but only after and hour of wearing the primer under my shadows I creased so bad, even worse than without primer. Which sucks but I still have my other primers which play well with theses shadows so that's cool. Even though the primer didn't work for me I just want you all to know that your mileage my very on these type of cosmetic products just like how you may love a certain type of chap stick and your friend my hate it so please keep that in mind. 

XOXO, Brooke.


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