September 3, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

Yeah! August favorites and boy oh boy do I have a lot of favorites! Other and August being really really hot even for Southern California in summer it was just supper hot and humid NASTY, it was just a good month I started a new job and school again so I'm exited. So even though I had a great month I am super ready for September well because it my birthday month! alright lets get these faves going. 

First favorite is my Revlon Color Stay for Dry skin in 150 Buff. I have bought so many bottles of this foundation I will try other foundations and like them but I always seem to come back to this one. Its just works really well with my skin type.

I have been using my Lorac Pro Palette so much I kind of forgot about my Urban Decay shadows especially the shade Toasted I love this shade I really think its a Holy Grail shade for me I love it on my Blue Green eyes. Its a great new penny antique bronze shade it really unique.
Ooh my third fave it my new blush which honestly I've worn it everyday sense I purchased it and it is Kat Von D Everlasting Blush in Wish. Gosh there is nothing I would change about this blush it makes me glow! I just have so much love for this product. 
My third fave is a necessity in my life I have such dry lips I need lip balm on all day. So this one is the absolute best in my book and it is Blistex Moisture Melt. So hydrating and glossy love it.

I have been wearing this next favorite a lot this month it just gives me a really healthy look and it is a lip combination of Mac Pure Zen Lipstick and Revlon Killer Watt. The mix of the natural warm nude pink and the bright warm pick just blends together really well. 

My next favorite makes me happy and sad at the same time it makes me happy cause it makes me smell so good but it makes me sad because its no longer made. Its my True Religion perfume it sweat and spicy and just smells so good and lets be honest the bottle is beautiful. 

These next favorites are like clothes and accessories which I typically don't do but I just love all of these so much I had to share! First off is my new scarf I love scarfs and this one is my favorite I bought it for ten dollars at Wet Seal and if I do say so myself its so me lol its two of my favorite prints its lace and leopard most of the scarfs I own are like the one long piece of fabric and this one is an infinity scarf which I really enjoy.

I bought a new purse at then end of July and have been totally loving it is a black leather Steve Madden. To me it looks like a saddle bag you would see of the side of a Harley Davidson. Its big enough for my Kindle, sunglasses, wallet and little bag of head phones IPod stuff like that. The best part is I bought it on sale at Ross for like half the original price. please don't mind the cat paws in the Jeffrey was sound asleep and I didn't have the hart to move him.
Next is a great hybrid wallet I picked up at Target I am a pass holder at Disneyland and I bought this to take with me cause it has a strap to make it a wristlit but to me the best part is it has a slot for my phone. I decided on the oxblood color because I thought if I set it down I would see it better and not loose it. 
Last but not least is my new sunglasses that I'm completely obsessed with I bought them at Tilly's for nine fifty they were supper cheap. There kinda big frames that are a little bit of a cat eye shape that fade from black to clear.

Alright that's it for me and this super long list of Favorites.

XOXO, Brooke

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