April 28, 2013

Cara Delevingne Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Breakdown

This is a fairly simple makeup with a really lovely result I love this look and have been wearing it nonstop. all you need is four matte brown shades that flow in a gradient effect like O'mbre actually exactly like O'mbre so on the eye it will be darkest to lightest starting on the lash line and working up. I am using my favorite eye shadows Urban decay there super pigmented and blend really easy I'm using Naked, Faint, Secret Service and Walk of Shame. Start off with priming your lids and filling in your brows if you like sweep and flesh colored shadow over the whole lid to set the primer and avoid skipping. take a large fluffy blending brush and naked and buff that on your crease but not really in the fold where the lid and crease meet just up a little higher blend really well. Now using Faint and a pointed crease brush or a blending brush like the Bdellium Tools 776 put that in the crease the actual fold blending it down onto the lid a little bit and up into Naked to fuse them together. With a small flat shader brush take Secret Service and pat that on the lid staying out of the crease taking just a little little bit of Faint run that through the crease one more time to blend Secret Service. For a brow bone highlight sweep Walk of Shame there and the tear duct to give a more open look to the eye. For eye liner I like making my outer corner a little thick and making it thinner going towards the tear duct or you could do a small not to dramatic or bold cat eye line the water line as well and line the flap of skin on the top lid underneath the lashes only the thick part that will help give your eye an upturned effect. Apply lots and lots of mascara or false lashes if you want. Use your favorite bronzer and a soft warm light peach blush like Kat Von D Wish Blush highlight your cheek bones if you want. For lips I suggest a glossy lip balm or a "my lips but better" color.   
P.S. I tried to take swatch pics on my arm but they just didn't show up right on my arm with the lighting in my room so that's why there on a tissue.
XOXO Brooke


  1. Thanks a lot for the break down, I'll try it later and, if my blending helps, I'll be able to post pics :)

  2. I would love to see a pic of the look on you!