September 23, 2012

Makeup Heaven has a Name and it is called Naimie's

Yes it is true there is a heaven out there its called Naimie's and the only thing that could make it better is urban decay and a shirtless Chance Crawford... A girl can dream right!?! The store is located in North Hollywood I had know idea what I was walking into when I found Naimies on the Internet I was thinking a rundown little shop and needed a face lift badly BUT I was so wrong is a two story palace I was to say the least over whelmed lol. The first story is the wig, hot tools and bulk departments the second story is makeup counters like Nars, Mac, Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Ben Nye, Eve Pearl, Bobbi Brown and tons other. The best Part is the if your a student you get a 20% discount and if your a professional you get a 40 % discount on all the cosmetic company's yes all that are named above. YES THE MAKEUP GODS HAVE BLESSED US!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not go crazy and buy one of everything I had to refrain myself I Bought two Bdellium Tools brushes the 953 and 781, a 2 ounce Parian Spirit brush cleanser and a beauty blender sponge and 3 ounce cleanser. The brushes are a small duo fiber foundation brush and a tapered eyeshadow blending brush. Parian Spirit is the best brush cleanser on the market I bought a small bottle only cause a little goes a long way with this cleanser. I bought the Beauty Blender and it's cleanser I bought it as a set. I am for sure going back to stock up on a ton of stuff lol. I would suggest going ther even if you are not a student or a pro just cause the place is super fun!

P.S. I will be doing reviews on all of the things I bought.

XOXO Brooke

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