September 2, 2012

Monthly Favorites of August

Hi all here are my favs of the month. 
1.) I picked up at the end of July the Clinique 3 step system to try out and I really like 2 of the 3 steps I don't care for the face wash it left and oily film on my face. The toner and moisturizer I like the toner makes my skin feel tingly and cool the moisturizer I like for summer because its a good summer moisturizer not to heavy feeling nice and light. 
2.) My blush bronzer highlight combination. All 3 products are limited edition so sorry about that but if it helps there really dupe able. For blush I have been wearing Macs Warmth of Coral bronzer has been Nude on Board and highlight is Redhead MSF. All three of theses products are warm and glowy by themselves but together you get the nicest glow like a Greek goddess lol so nice and pretty for summer. 
3.) The Urban Decay concealer pencils are really creamy which is a good thing cause they blend out nice but these pencils when applied to direct skin I find distribute to much product so I found if I use a small flat concealer style brush I use less product but still get great coverage. All my personal brushes already have a purpose so I dug around my I guess you could say junk drawer and I found the perfect brush it came from the Urban Decay Midnight Emergency kit its little flat and synthetic. The brush fits in the eye area and on blemishes just perfect blends it out just right.
4.) I have used Lo real voluminous carbon black mascara for years now I have tried other mascaras but I never found anything I liked as much as VCB so I kinda stopped trying other mascaras but recently I found one that I like BETTER! In my mind its VCB's better looking sister because its Lo Real voluminous million lashes. I get volume and length but the same blackest black color. the only flaw is that it has a rubber wand so sometimes I poke my self lol.
5.) My new secret weapon its kinda a known fact that the Urban Decays pencils that to get the best sharpening results you have to use there pencils sharpener. I have a little bit of a hard time spending 10 dollars on a pencil sharpener I'm sure its great and worth it but still that's expensive for a sharpener. one day I was at Sally's beauty supply and found a cute hot pink double barreled pencil sharpener for I think 89 cents so I bought it and it works wonderful. I have also heard that is you get the pencils cold they sharpened Even better so I'm gonna test that theory out and report back. 

XOXO Brooke

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