September 6, 2012

The First Ever Makeup Breakdown

I love watching makeup tutorials but I really don't have the time for the equipment to film videos that I think are up to theses new standards your youcam on your laptop just isn't good enough I think anymore. So I'm gonna do makeup breakdowns of celeb looks I like or just editorials Ill show the picture products I think match our are close match to get the same look. My first look will be this beautiful look from Amber Heard at the 2012 15th annual Hollywood gala. so lets get started.

Lets start off with face makeup. To me her foundation looks semi matt I find the easiest way to achieve this is use a dewey foundation then set it with a matt powder. I used Macs Face & Body for concealer I used Macs Studio Finish concealer and Rimmels Stay Matt powder. Her blush looks to be a soft matt yellow based pink I use either E.L.F Tickled Pink or Mac stunner blush which is LE. Her bronzer looks to be applied very very light handed so use a bronzer that matches you but a light application. Highlight looks very soft and glowy but not glittery or obvious but it is there so I would say to use a satin finish eyeshadow. 

Eyes her brows are perfection so take extra time to make sure yours are too. To start off with the shadows use a primer use what ever you have or works, then a shadow base I use Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk you just need a little bit of this because it packs a punch so blend pom punk all over the lid I use my ring finger keep it under your crease. shadows your gonna need a redy purpley shimmery color like Urban Decays Roach, a matt shade a couple shades darker than your skin like Urban Decays Naked shadow and your face powder. Pat Roach using a small shadow brush all along the lid were pom punk is then take the matt skin tone shade and blend it out along the crease till it nice and smooth and flawless use a blending brush that fits your eye socket then blend your face powder just above the matt shadow to blend that color out I use the same blending brush as before. Apply your fav highlight shade hers is matt maybe a satin shade just a tad lighter than her skin color I like my eye highlights to be a little bit shimmery so I use Urban Decays Bootycall on my brow bone and inner tear duct. Then on the lower lash line petty much do like you did on the lid use Pom punk as a base then blend Roach into it. She only as her top lash line lined with black eyeliner her bottom lash line is bare or lined with a skin toned color I don't like how that looks on my so I line my top and bottom with dark black gel liner. If your going out at night wearing this look I suggest false lashes if your wearing during the day just use a couple coats of your favorite mascara. 

Lips hers are very easy use a good chapstick let that soake in wipe of any residue then use a matt soft yellow based pink lipstick like Wet N Wilds 901B Think Pink. 

Now your all done! 

XOXO Brooke

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