August 27, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked Pallet

I am stoked about this pallet I love dark dramatic eyeshadow looks. For me personally this was a good deal at 49 dollars I needed a new black pencil liner I have been wanting to try perversion I need a new primer potion the pallet had some beautiful Jewel toned colors I have been drowning in a sea of natural shades so theses are nice to have. The 3 shades that really sealed the deal for me were mushroom, barlust and rockstar. It also came with this really cool really detailed look book I have tried a few of the looks and there beautiful looks very night time sexy mysterious looks. Here are my descriptions on each color likes and dislikes.

Kinky- A true pale vanilla color I do with this was had a little bit of a sheen to it just cause that's how I like my highlight colors but I own plenty I really don't need another it would just be nice.

Freestyle- I would say Freestyle is a pale bisque shade good for a transition color Ive used this in most of the looks I have done its a good staple shade.

Mushroom- This is a difficult shade for me to describe um its a grey taupe with some warmth to it.

Backdoor- OK first off everybody is talking about this shades name because it brown and its called backdoor OK so I for real did not think that at first I thought of a bar or lounge and your going in the backdoor because for VIP or something idk haha. The shade is a matt dark brown really pigmented really smokey.

Blackout- the best matt black shadow on the market it makes Mac's Carbon look like poop a good dupe for Blackout is NYX black they make a good black. Blackout has this really nice velvet texture way smooth I own 2 blackouts one in the naked 2 pallet and this one I will honestly never need to but another black shadow cause i will never run out.

Barlust- The image I get from this shade is a really pretty girl at a bar with a wicked smoldering smokey eye totally eyeing a hot guy across the room and they both are thinking oh yeah were gonna makeout in the ladies room tonight. I love this shade its a dark bronze that is just so pretty.

Rockstar- This shade totally lives up to this name if I was doing the makeup on a famous rockstars daughter I would use this shade. Its my favorite shade in the whole pallet.

Evidence- To be honest not a fan I don't like blue shadow no matter who wears it what shade it is blues just look way trashy to me. Evidence does not have the great pigmentation and color payoff the the other shades its kinda a flop for me.

Loaded- What a cool shade its a spot on peacock color I haven't really played with this shade yet but I'm exited to. Its a great teal to have in your kit or personal stash.

Asphalt- Is a true dark grey. I like Asphalt because there is no blue undertones you get sometimes with silver grey shades. perfect for smokey eyes.  

XOXO Brooke

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