December 20, 2012

My first Hair Care post

It recently hit me I have yet to post anything about hair i.e. care, styling, tip, tricks. So today I'm gonna talk about my personal hair care. I personally wash my hair everyday it helps to get my day going plus I hate that grimy feeling you get when you have like two day hair I cant handle it yuck. So for daily shampoo I like to use something that is clear as apposed to a shampoo that is creamy or opalescent looking. Clear shampoo has less conditions so it will give a better clean. For conditioner I like something that says smoothing or sleek any of those type adjectives I really don't know if it really works but I tend to gravitate towards those conditioners. The next part of my daily routine is to spray Apple Cider Vinegar in my hair I spray this all over from scalp to ends brush my teeth then rinse the vinegar out thoroughly so you don't end up with vinegar smelling hair. I wrap my hair in a towel to dry it a little bit put on my makeup then go back to my hair I spray a leave in conditioner on my ends my favorite one is from Big Sexy Hair the health Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner. This product smells so good and works wonderfully like my tangles just disappear and my hair just feels like silk. I like to use a paddle brush with plastic bristles and boar hair bristles mixed. The boar help close the hairs cuticle to make the hair smooth and shiny. If I'm going to flat iron my hair I use a heat protecting spray. For the finishing touch I use just a little but of Moroccan oil to help keep some moisture in my hair and add just a touch of shine. 

XOXO Brooke



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